Hi, my name is Robert Bloxham
I'm a Web Developer with a love of all things creative!

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Highly adaptable, eager, and quick learning full-stack developer/software engineer with a love for all things creative. Molded by my customer-first approach in the technology field, I apply many of those same core values to my approach in the way I code.

Let me build you something great!

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Projects and Awards


A simple blog built in nextjs with sanity as a backend.

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Home page for my freelance web development business. Built with React, styled with tailwindcss.

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Hackathon Award

Engineering Excellence award earned at a General Assembly Hackathon. Software engineering students were paired with UX/UI students and given 24 hours to deliver a project.

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Battleship Destruction

Created in html css and vanilla javascript, this project is a single player Battleship type game. See if you can find the hidden dad joke button!

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